Chario Aviator

Mainly the Aviator Line is inspired in cosmetics from the history of Military and Commercial Aviation from the last century joined with our heritage, massive wood. Every name of Aviator models recall a name of an important pilot or its connected to the concept of flight. The whole line is realized using massive walnut from 20 up to 45 mm thickness, used in jointed slats, is the best solution in attaining structural rigidity.


19 000NOK

Freestanding center speaker


21 000NOK

(Stands available for seperate purchase)

2 way floorstanding An harmonious small complex of lines and curves to admire all the classic of Italian design coupled with an optimal sound staging, reproductive fidelity, musicality.


24 000NOK

(Stands available for seperate purchase)

2 way bookshelf. Nobile, a speaker deeply rooted in Chario’s tradition of construction, detailed sound, with very controlled bass. Soft sound and at the same time absolutely not lacking in high frequencies. The 2-way speaker has shocked everyone since its introduction. It brings together all of Chario’s peculiar features in a reasonably sized cabinet.
_MGL9979 copia


43 000NOK

3 way floorstanding A distinctive unique shape, a pure acoustic emotion, a loudspeaker that will make you rediscover the pleasure of listening, a slim but powerful figure, like the woman to whom it is dedicated. These speakers are one of the most transparent of any other speaker of the line, a wonderful open sound granted also by the solid cabinet construction that ensures a stable platform for the drivers.
_MGL9992_MGL0038 copia
chario CIELO5757


56 000NOK

A powerful loudspeaker capable of transmitting with its only presence a sense of extraordinary power. Its beauty lies not only in the beauty of solid wood side panels but in the extraordinary performances Cielo is capable. The ability to comprehend, in a clear and complete way, the complex music structure at low frequencies brings our perceptive system into a serenity and relaxation area, minimizing listening fatigue and delivering the highest quality and maximum perceptibility..
chario CIELO5758chario CIELO5755


129 000NOK

5 way floorstanding
_MGE0042 2_MGE00662