Chario Academy

The acoustic calibration of a loudspeaker system is normally performed in bounce-free chambers designed for this specific purpose. The goal is to eliminate environmental interference, ensuring the precision of all measurements and tests. The geometry of a domestic setting, however, completely shapes a speaker’s response, thereby modifying the listening experience, sometimes dramatically. Since there are limitless speaker/room/furniture combinations, computer-aided simulation can only outline general performance parameters that are useful for assessing reproductive balance, but might not sufficiently account for the listening experience.
Since any free-standing “tower” system has a fixed driver-to-floor distance, once the listening distance has been established, distortion caused by initial floor bounce can be calculated. This type of interference results in the loss or excess of energy within a frequency band, usually an octave wide; which generally resembles the central octave of a piano. In other words, the set of musical notes most recurrent in western compositions are diminished. By eliminating bouncing surfaces within a meter however, subsequent contact with the floor can be controlled by a specific arrangement of the crossover filter and vertical driver array. The correlation between the deeps and peaks of octaves implies dramatic timbre alteration in the complex tone generated by the sound source, because floor bounce can translate to a difference of almost 10 dB between the fundamental frequency and the second harmonic


51 000NOK

(Stands available for seperate purchase)

2 way bookshelf


163 000NOK

3 way floorstanding Loudspeaker made of Canaletto wood. Canaletto’s wood is very high required because of its aesthetic qualities, it’s considered a precious wood, because of its physical characteristics, such as elasticity and durability, it makes it a wood suitable for the creation of classic and modern furniture, as well as for the construction of tailor-made pianos.


332 000NOK

The flagship of the Academy Series is the grand culmination of the extensive research and development undertaken by Chario Loudspeakers since was founded in 1975. Here are some of the concepts, structures, and principles that have brought us worldwide acclaim: NRS 2π sr / Hyper Exponential Hourglass / Reversed Vertical Array / Silversoft Dome / Rohacell® / Full Apex™ / Polyring / Neodymium / Overlapping Points / WMT™ Alignment / SoundCap®